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Stay Strong Malaysia !

With the recent spike of COVID 19 new cases of 1,032 in Malaysia as of 4th November 2020, Malaysia may be going into a more stringent CMCO (Conditional Movement Control Order) and this will affect the economy and the Rakyat of Malaysia to an even greater depth.

Thus we have gathered some sharing tips to stay safe during the COVID 19 Wave for 2020.

1) Wash your hands regularly

a) Washing your hands for 20 seconds or more with soap will effectively kill the germs/viruses on your hands.

b) Sanitize your hands and arms if you have been going out or touching things that are not clean.

c) Avoid touching your face. We know you're good-looking, but avoid touching your face if possible especially when you have not washed or sanitized them.

2) Social Distancing

a) Keeping a distance of a minimum of 6 feet or more will greatly reduce the chances of the spread.

b) Avoid meeting in person if possible, video conference to stay safe.

3) Video Conference

a) Yes, we know business is a must to keep going, so why not utilize the technology we have at your disposal. Handphone / Tablet / Laptop with webcam to do your meetings and business presentation to keep you and everyone safe.

b) Learn new ways to interact with your clients and to also upkeep them with the latest technology and trend so they are up to date on today's tech in hand.

4) Scan QR Code (MySejahtera / Selangkah)

a) Keep updating your whereabouts with the government apps of “MySejahtera” at all times so they can inform you if you have been in a high-risk area or so.

b) This will help the government to keep track of everyone and to help the country fight this pandemic at hand.

5) Use a POS system

a) Using either “Self Payment Kiosk” or Self Ordering with our QR code scanning feature to avoid interaction with clients face to face (if possible) for a smoother daily operation.

b) Just use your phone & Scan a QR Code on the F&B outlet to order directly and get your food/beverages in no time. No face to face or using other touch screen devices needed, Just your phone.

Stay Safe Everyone!

The Ace Team


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