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This system is for the purpose of tracking all your customer's outstanding accounts with you and to provide to you all the sales analysis by individual customers. 


Features of the system:- 

· You will be able to create new account numbers for each of your customer. 
· You will be able to post invoices, receipts, debit notes, credit notes and journal


· You will be able to do enquiry on any customer's account quickly and easily.

· You will be able to print analysis reports for sales, outstanding amount and also

   sales performance by individual sales person, area or by types of customers.

· Can accommodate large number of accounts and transactions. 
· Supports multi currency accounts.

· Inquiry by account code or name. 
· Credit control by terms in days and credit amount.

· Budgets for salesman, areas and outlet types.
· Reports printed by order of account code, name, salesman, area and outlet types.
· Stores 13 months aging period but number of months to print on statement  

   and age analysis report is flexible. 

Some of the Reports Available 

· Customers master listing.

. Transactions listing.

. Sales analysis by salesman, area and outlet types.

· Age analysis report in summarised or detailed form. 
· Statement of accounts - print details or monthly balance b/f.

. Year ledgers. 
· Sales analysis by customers. 
· General ledger link accounts report. 
· Reminder letters / notices with user definable contents. 
· Print mailing labels. 

. Can be integrated to the ACE General Ledger and ACE Sales Invoicing Systems.

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