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This system is for the purpose of providing your Company's financial reporting such as Trial Balance, Profit or Loss and Balance Sheet reports.


Features of the system:- 

  • Flexible and easy user definable charts of accounts with sample charts and financial statements.

  • Up to 18 open accounting periods.

  • Arrangement of Financial reports is flexible and can be user defined.

  • Monthly budgetary control.

  • Automatic checks for double entries.

  • Easy cash book entries - only post the income / expense account while the other entry to the bank . Cash account is automatic

  • Advance posting for recurring future journal transactions.

  • Departmental accounts for up to 999 departments.

  • Comparison of figures in reports against budgets or against last year's figures

  • Final accounts automatically produced anytime.

  • Can be integrated to the Debtors System / Accounts Receivable and Creditors System / Accounts Payable Systems.


Reports available.


  • Chart of accounts

  • Transactions listing

  • Cash book report

  • Current Ledger

  • Year Ledger

  • Trial Balance

  • Profit and Loss report

  • Balance Sheet

  • Payment vouchers

  • Receipt vouchers

  • Bank Reconciliation

  • Audit Trail report.

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