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This system is for the purpose of managing your Company's inventory items and there are two main versions:-


  1. Standard Stock Version        - more for trading companies

  2. Composition Stock Version  - more for manufacturing companies where the need for Bills Of Materials (BOM) is needed in the management of stock items.


Reports available:-


  • Stock master list by individual locations/warehouses.

  • Transactions report.

  • Stock movement report.

  • Stock balance report.

  • Stock balance report with horizontal sizes for those trading in items with sizes like


  • Stock aging report.

  • Stock re-order report.

  • Stock sales analysis report.

  • Stock labels printing.

  • Barcode labels printing on ordinary laser printers using A4 label paper.

  • Composition table (BOM) listing.

  • Audit Trail report.

Features of the system:- 

  • Multi locations / warehouse.

  • Classification of products under departments/categories/groups.

  • Automatic product coding based on their classifications.

  • Three levels of unit of measurement (UOM) per item.

  • Three levels of standard selling prices for highest pack UOM or by individual UOM.

  • Selectable to have both retail and wholesale prices.

  • Control of last purchase cost.

  • FIFO method of cost analysis.

  • Re-order quantity levels control.

  • Enquiry on range of stock item or one item with full details.

  • Year ledger available

  • Analysis of sales and profitability by stock items in rank order if needed.

  • Long stock code of 20 characters.

  • Printing selling prices list.

  • Stock aging report available.

  • Bar code functioning available.

  • Can be integrated to the Accounts Receivable and Invoicing Systems.


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