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Cashless? Go Credit !

With COVID 19 still on high alert, accepting CASH form payment has reduced recently, and now more people are asking for Credit Card or E-Wallet payment method recently in their cafe and retail businesses.

If you already have an existing POS (point of sales) System working for the recent high demands of Credit card & E-Wallet acceptance, good for you, BUT if you are looking for a POS system that can do all in one, without human error or manual keying in for a FASTER and more PRECISE operation, would you take up such offer?

Check out a real demo video below :

With Credit Card acceptance payment method applied in your business premises, it will increase sales by approximate 30%

We have worked hard with several "Payment Gateway Solution Providers" and our POS system is capable of linking directly with the Credit Card Terminal and E-Wallet too to make your daily sales transaction effortlessly.

We now even bundle them together should you wish to have the complete solution for your business needs.

POS System interlink directly with Credit Card Terminal.

No more human error or manual keying in. Just tap and you're done!

Stay Safe,

Stay Strong Malaysia!

The Ace Team

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